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Our mission is to underline the scientific contributions that Central and Eastern Europe can make to Technology Enhanced Learning and to stimulate interaction, collaboration and communication between researchers, policy makers, product & service providers and users & practitioners among Europe.

For this purpose, we aim to describe regional state-of-the-art activities, define specific existing problems, present current practices and outline the future potential of the region for the development of advanced TEL strategies and solutions.

This workspace contributes to Kaleidoscope's initiative for integration of Central and Eastern European Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) representatives.

We offer you:

  • Case studies - highlighting the latest in TEL research in East and Central Europe
  • Interviews - we will be publishing interviews with top TEL researchers from East and Central Europe. It is your opportunity to find out the latest views from specialists in the field
  • The chance to join and engage with the Kaleidoscope Stakeholders Club. We will be working with the Kaleidoscope Stakeholders Club, to contribute to their main aim which is 'optimising the impact of research in technology enhanced learning'. Through the Stakeholders Club Blog we will facilitate and stimulate dialogue with all stakeholders from Central and Eastern Europe.
  • to publish your research paper in your native language and make it visible for hundreds of specialists in TEL by submitting it to TeLearn Open Archive