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Workshop "TEL in working context"
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   Monday 13  Tuesday 14 Wednesday 15
 9:00-10:00    Invited speaker (Janine Rogalski)  session 4  - part 1



session 2

 session 4  - part 2
12:30-14:00   Arrivals and Lunch Lunch  Lunch and departures
 14:00-17:00  session 1  Posters and demos  
 17:00-18:00  Invited speaker (Annie Luciani)  session 3



Abstract proceedings available here

Monday 13


12h-13h30 - arrivals and lunch


13h30-16h10 - Session 1

Richard Noss, Celia Hoyles, Phillip Kent, Arthur Bakker:
"Designing for complex modelling at work"

Adélaïde Blavier:
"Impact of new technologies on the processes of learning in minimal invasive surgery : how define expertise ? "

Richard Moreau, M.T. Pham, T. Redarce, O. Dupuis :
"Risk-free learning for obstetricians and midwives using a childbirth simulator"

Lucile Vadcard, Vanda Luengo, Dima Mufti-Alchawafa
"TELEOS, a Technology Enhanced Learning Environment for Orthopaedic Surgery"  


Coffee break


16h45-18h05 - Session 2

Kristine Lund, Guy Prudhomme, Jean-Laurent Casssier :
"The relation of co-designers' computer-mediated interactions to their knowledge dynamics"

Leif Lahn:
"Developing learning portals in working life. A discussion of participative methods"

Tuesday 14


9h-10h - Invited speaker: Janine Rogalski
"Didactical transposition in vocational training"


Coffee break


10h30-12h30: Session 2

Annie Bessot, Colette Laborde and Laure Metzler:
"Designing a simulator for marking out in building trades and using it in vocational education"

Bertrand David, René Chalon, Olivier Champalle, Guillaume Masserey:
"Mobile contextual cooperative learning - a step further to mastering professional and domestic appliances"

Michelle Joab
"Simulation-based training : trends and challenge"


12h30-14h - Lunch


14h-16h - posters and demos  

posters: Luc Maréchal / Jean-Laurent Cassier / Mohsen Maraoui / Mohamed Balgacem and Mourad Mars / Kornelia Todorova

François Curnier (Digisens, a virtual reality simulator for dental learning) 
Luc Maréchal & Christine Barthod (Instrumented glove for respiratory physiotherapy act on babies)
Annie Bessot, Colette Laborde et Laure Metzler (a simulator for marking out in building trades)
Dima Mufti-Alchawafa (TELEOS, a TEL environment for orthopaedic surgery) 
Myriam Sénéchal (TEL environment for airline pilots)


16h-18h - Session 3

Aurel Messas
"An Online Video simulator to shorten and secure laparoscopic learning period"

François Curnier
Virtual reality simulator for hard tissue drilling : A  dental application"

Zsuzsanna Kulcsár, Anette Aboulafia:  

"Design Based Medical Training:

The application of design based method and embodied technology for training medical procedural skills"


Wednesday 15


9h00-10h00 - Invited speaker: Annie Luciani 
  "Professionnal gestures and multisensory interaction in computer mediated tasks performance and learning"


Coffee Break


10h30-11h30 - Session 4

Valérie Bellynck, Christian Boitet, J. Kenwright:  
"Collaborative Learning and Free Linguistic Resources Collecting for Technical English Vocabulary"

Vanda Luengo, Lucile Vadcard, Stéphane Larrieu, Myriam Sénéchal:
"Designing an intermediate simulator for the learning of airline piloting"

11h30-12h30 - Closure and lunch


Please note that the interventions will be webcasted (http://www.msh-alpes.prd.fr/Real/amphi.html)
Contact Lucile Vadcard if any question (lucile.vadcard@imag.fr)

Program Committee

Nicolas Balacheff (CNRS, Grenoble, France)
Michelle Joab (LIRMM, Montpellier, France)
Rossella Magli (Camporosso, Brussels, Belgium)
Leif Christian Lahn (InterMedia, Oslo, Norway)
Vanda Luengo (CLIPS, Grenoble, France)
Kristine Lund (ICAR, Lyon, France)
Richard Noss (London Knowledge Lab, London, UK)
Anne-Sophie Nyssen (LECIT, Liège, Belgium)
Lucile Vadcard (CLIPS, Grenoble, France)