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iJET December 2013 issue
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) has just published its latest issue. We invite you to have a look at the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to read articles and items of interest.

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET). Volume 8, Issue 6 (2013)

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
***From the AHLiST 2011 Conference Program Chair
(HyoJoo Han)
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Special Focus Papers
***Future Direction for Next Generation Web
(Young B Choi, Young Han Choe, Tae H Oh)
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***Critical Factors and Resources in Developing a Game-Based Learning (GBL) Environment Using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
(Jeremy Lothian, Jungwoo Ryoo)
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***Effect of Web Caching on Load Time
(Emma Tang, Tae Oh, Young B Choi, Swapna Kalpagam Subramaniam)
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***The ARICE Framework: Augmented Reality in Computing Education
(Yuanqiong Wang, Giovanni Vincenti, James Braman, Alfreda Dudley)
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Regular Papers
***Enhancing Motivation and Engagement: A Top-Down Approach for the Design of a Learning Experience According to the S2P-LM
(Salah Eddine Bahji, Youssef Lefdaoui, Jamila El Alami)
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***A Probabilistic Approach for the Generation of Learning Sessions Tailored to the Learning Styles of Learners
(Jaber El Bouhdidi, Mohamed Ghailani, Abdelhadi Fennan)
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***Facilitating Sustainability of Education by Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
(Chunfang Zhou, Aparna Purushothaman, Nikorn Rongbutsri)
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***Information Theoretic Clustering for an Intelligent Multilingual Tutoring System
(Christos Troussas, Maria Virvou)
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Short Papers
***A Technological Tool to Optimize Educational Assessment
(Mohammed Gabli, El Miloud Jaara, El Bekkaye Mermri)
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***Sharing Model of Online Overseas Chinese Education Resource Based on Cloud Computing
(Zhehuang Huang)
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