Prof. Michèle Artigue


Michèle Artigue is currently full professor at the Mathematics Department at the University Paris-Diderot - Paris 7 and co-director of the Master program in Didactics at this University.

After a PHD in Mathematical Logics, she progressively entered the field of research in mathematics education where her contributions range from elementary school to university. The teaching and learning of mathematics with digital technologies has been her major theme of research in the last decade and, in the network of excellence Kaleidoscope, she is a member of the steering committee of the ERT TELMA.

She has many editorial and scientific responsibilities, and after being from 1998 to 2006 vice-president of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, she became the president of this commission in January 2007.

Publication: Learning mathematics in a CAS environment: the genesis of a reflection about instrumentation and the dialectics between technical and conceptual work. International Journal of Computers for Mathematics Learning, n°7,245-274.