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Introduction to Kaleidoscope
Prof. Nicolas Balacheff
CNRS (France)

Watch video of Nicolas Balacheff's talk

In his introductory address, Prof. Nicolas Balacheff of CNRS (France) , said, "This event is not about talking; it is first of all an experience.... A symposium is not a conference, it's not a workshops - it's many workshops, it's a way to be together. It's a way to contribute to the cohesion of our community - it is a community event first."

He described his vision of "technology for human learning." "It means education, for sure," he said. "It means training. But it means, in fact, every occasion in which some human being or group of human beings want to learn something, and expect from the technology better support to achieve this learning."

This field is marked by the complexity of its research questions. "The challenge," he said "is to be able to share a frame for research, although we have so many different perspectives, across the disciplines."

He went on to describe the Kaleidoscope structure, with its backbone and other activities, and its instruments for implementing and integrating research. "Our job," he said," is not to integrate, our job is to do research. Our job is not only to meet, our job is to solve the problems that we are able to identify."