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the end?
[second life]

Nichloas Carr tell us -

The big thing at this year's elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is to don a cartoon persona and slum around the virtual world as if you "get it." An avatar, reportsenlarging the Davos conversation" to include the commoners. the Financial Times, "has become the must-have accessory for [WEF] delegates." A big attraction on yesterday's program was a session called "The Age of the Avatar," and another session featured an interview with a couple of 'tars about "identity in the modern world." The WEF's impresario, Klaus Schwab, says that the embrace of Second Life is all about "

Was it Ford who said that when his driver started talking about his stock portfolio he knew it was time to get out? Well, if your stock broker tells you about his SL avatar..

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