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Where have you been at school today?
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A couple of days ago, when my 9 year old son returned from school, I asked him (as I ususaly do) what he did today. His answer was: we saw the eclipse.
I was surprised: what eclipse? I didn't know there was an eclipse today. you mean a solar eclipse?
Yeah, a full solar elipse. At around 11. what didn't you see it?
No, and I imagine I would have noticed.
Oh, but it was in Turkey. Or that's where the focus was.
SO? did you and your class fly to Turkey?
No. Our teacher put it on the interactive whiteboard. We started watching it, but then it got too long, and some of us decided to skip playtime to see it. After that she left it on while giving us our maths assignments.
Where did she get it from?
I don't know for sure. I saw it was media player, but that's just the thing she uses to show the video. I think she got it from NASA.
I wish my school was like that.
Not only does this teacher use the web and the whiteboard to make the students part of an important scientific event occuring on 1000s of miles away, she does it so casualy, she can continue her regular schedule concurently.

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