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Educational Researcher, currently working with the JEIRP Learning Patterns for the Design and Deployment of Games  for Mathematical Learning .
PhD student at the knowledge lab / IOE .

Tags: mathematics education, constructionism, CSCL, community, open source, design patterns, hacktivism, social software,




Yishay Mor, and Richard Noss (in press). Programming as Mathematical Narrative, International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning (IJCEELL).

Design approaches in technology enhanced learning. Interactive Learning Environments, Taylor & Francis, 15(1):61-75. PDF

Yishay Mor and Richard Noss and Celia Hoyles and Ken Kahn and Gordon Simpson (2006).  Designing to see and share structure in number sequences. the International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, (13)2:65-78.  PDF


Mor, Y. and Waldman, K. (2002) US Pat. 7107575 - Filed Aug 21, 2002, Issued Sept. 12, 2006: METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING A SINGLE OBJECT INSTANCE PER CLIENT-SERVER SESSION

Hershberg, Y. & Mor, Y. (2006)
US Patent 7,155,705 - Filed Nov 26, 2001, Issued Dec 26, 2006: Techniques for binding an application with a data exchange format based on tags in comments

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