Blog general informations

When someone arrive on the index of a blog, the lastest messages will be displayed.

When a list of message is shown on the first page, an user can:

Adding comments

Sorry you havn't the right to add comments on this blog.

The menu

The menu zone can contains up to five elements:

  1. Blog description

    This zone contain a short description of the blog content and a link to a complete description page.
  2. Categories list

    This zone contains a list of the differents categories of messages on this blog. By clicking on a category name it will allow you to display the latest messages of this category and to navigate in the older messages of this category.
    Notice that some messages can belong to no category.
  3. Lastest messages

    This zone contains links to the lastest messages post in this blog.
  4. Search field

    This zone allow you to make a search in order to find a message witch contain a given string in their title, abstract or content.
    As long as the search field contains the search query, it will filter displayed messages.
    The "reset search" link allow you to disable the search filter.
  5. Calendar

    A calendar of a month (by default the current month). It will allow you to see the messages added for a given:
    • day by clicking on a day number
    • week by clicking to the week number in the first column
    • month by clicking on the header of the table

    You can retrieve witch restriction on post date are applied to displayed messages by looking witch boxes are in a different color.

    You can naviguate between months by using and button if they appears around month name. (depending of if there is messages on other months or not.).
    As for months, you can naviguate between years by using and button if they appears (depending of if there is messages on other years or not.).

RSS feed

There is a RSS feed for the blog. You can get the feed's URL by clicking on the rss icon rss under the menu.

warning The RSS feed won't be accessible in RSS readers if the blog is not public.


Contextual help link.

Login link. This icon is present if your not already logged. Click this link to log in the system by authentificating yourself.

Logout link. Click on this link to log out of the system.

Link to a print-freindly version of the current page.

send a email to node administrator(s).

I you have some display problem, don't hesitate to install and try firefox, an open source browser available for all systems (windows, mac, unix)