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Workshop "TEL in working context"
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Workshop "TEL in working context", 13-15 November 2006, Grenoble


The Workshop will deal with the main important issues of Technology Enhanced Learning in professional domains, in their theoretical, methodological and practical aspects.
Important date: 9 September 2006 (submission deadline)

This Workshop is a Kaleidoscope initiative, related to the SIG "Learning and Technology at Work"

      NEW : List of participants and Abstract proceedings

Call for proposals:

Workshop "TEL in working context"
13-15 November 2006
Grenoble - France

This Workshop aims to address the main issues on Technology Enhanced Learning and Training in Working contexts. This domain is yet quite few represented in research, despite it is a really important challenge to accompany actors of professional learning and training: apprentices, experts, trainers, policy makers.

The Workshop aims at exploring the potential and / or effective impact of new technologies on the processes of learning and training in professional contexts.

It will allow to identify models of learning and training, and conceptual tools which support the design, use and evaluation of TEL in a range of different contexts.

Principal themes of submission:

Contributions are awaited to cover a large spectrum of issues related to TEL in working contexts, amongst which

  • Theoretical frameworks and methodologies for TEL in working contexts: learning, knowledge, skills, gesture, computer modelisation, interaction analysis, feedback...
  • Tools and computer devices for the learning and training in working contexts: simulations, training programs, assessment, accreditation...

Chair of the scientific programme: Vanda Luengo, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Program Committee

Nicolas Balacheff (CNRS, Grenoble, France)
Michelle Joab (LIRMM, Montpellier, France)
Rossella Magli (Camporosso, Brussels, Belgium)
Leif Christian Lahn (InterMedia, Oslo, Norway)
Vanda Luengo (CLIPS, Grenoble, France)
Kristine Lund (ICAR, Lyon, France)
Richard Noss (London Knowledge Lab, London, UK)
Anne-Sophie Nyssen (LECIT, Liège, Belgium)
Lucile Vadcard (CLIPS, Grenoble, France)

Call for participation

Presentations are open through a call for participation:

Paper submission is to be made in pdf or doc format to vanda.luengo@imag.fr by September 9 2006. Papers do not exceed 8 pages and can be related to completed or on going research.

Poster submission is especially dedicated to beginning research (PhD students).

Important dates

- Submission Deadline: 10 October 2006
- Notification to Authors: 30 October 2006

Participation is free - lunches and coffee breaks included

Local organization : Lucile Vadcard, CNRS and UJF, laboratoire CLIPS-IMAG, Grenoble, France, Lucile.Vadcard@imag.fr